Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What Cutting-edge Features Should I Look for?

There is always something regarded “latest and best,” and you should exercise caution before purchasing in any of them. For one thing, they may not be something you truly require. And, while you could pay a premium for that hot item right now, you might be able to purchase it for much less a few months later.

Near-field communication (NFC), which allows data exchange between phones by tapping them together; wireless charging, which has been available for a few years for various household appliances; and advanced Bluetooth hands-free audio, which allows mobile phone connection to items such as wireless stereo headsets and fitness trackers, are some examples.

Q: How’s the Battery Life?

The amount of time your phone may run between charges varies greatly: The more functions a phone has, the shorter its battery life. In an ideal world, you’d be able to go 2-3 days between phone charges, but in some circumstances, you’ll only be able to do so by using job killers and battery management apps (two things to check for when buying the phone).

Q: How Easy Is It to Use?

Touchscreens are popular because they make switching between apps a breeze. However, some people find such minor details as texting to be vexing. That leaves QWERTY keyboards and basic push-button scrolling versions, which are slower but less prone to “pushed in the wrong place” problems.

Q: What Operating System Is the Right One?

Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS are the two most extensively used platforms. However, both BlackBerry’s OS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone have advantages. Before deciding on one, spend some time getting to know it.

Q: Do I like the display?

Considering the display screen’s size (at least 3 inches in diameter; 4 or more is preferable if you’re planning to edit papers or spend a lot of time on the Web), type (touchscreen or QWERTY slider), and resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the photographs and movies. Consider the ability to change the screen contrast and lighting settings, as well as the contrast and brightness settings.

Q: Does the design work for me?

Considering the phone’s ability to fit easily in a pocket or purse, as well as the availability of protective carrying cases. Also, ensure that the phone is tough enough for your lifestyle. If you enjoy being outside or are prone to mishaps, you may prefer a phone which is more impact- and water-resistant.

Q: How comfortable is the phone to use?

Check to see if the phone is pleasant on your ear and if you can hear callers without constantly altering the phone’s position in your hand. Furthermore, can you use the phone with one hand? Although you should always use a hands-free earphone or headphone when driving, you should also consider if you can comfortably hold the phone across your neck and shoulder if required.

Q: I Am Certain That the Information in Your Catalogue for a Specific Device Is Incorrect. Why Is This the Case?

A: We get most of our information from manufacturer websites. Some of them provide a lot of information, while others don’t. In the latter instance, we may have to rely on less trustworthy sources. Other catalogues, chat boards, and online stores are examples of this. If you believe there is erroneous information in the catalogue for your phone, please contact us.

Q: There Are Some Terms Missing From Your Glossary.

A: Please let us know if there are any mobile terminology that you believe should be included to our lexicon. We, as well as other users who may not be familiar with the word, will be grateful. You can also let us know if any of the glossary terms are erroneous or need to be changed. The simplest way to accomplish this is to use our support email address, which can be found on the Contact us page.

Q: Can I send my phone to you for repairs or upgrades?

We don’t update or repair phones or tablets. We only provide information concerning cell phones.

Q: Do AWBMobile Sell Phones or Tablets?

An emphatic No. AWBmobile’s main mission is to give complete and accurate information regarding mobile phones and their attributes. While surfing, you may come over links to online retailers that sell phones and other devices; however, these are other companies, and AWBmobile is not linked with them. We do not sell phones or anything else, and we do not recommend any particular store.