Rivo mobile organization set up in 2014 and dispatched cross country joining forces with one of the greatest Pakistan Telecom organization named as Advanced Company which was made in 2003, Since the day of foundation Rivo mobile Company becomes one of the biggest cell phones merchants in Pakistan, its own to supply the most raised measure of "Value" the extent that handsets and customer benefits that will be at standard with any general/global wireless brand.

Rivo mobile comes in three value The rivo mobile 4g come in three rivo mobile price categories; best in class and mid-run Smart cell phones (called Phantom and Rhythm exclusively and cost go from Rs 6,150 to Rs 23,500 ) and incorporate highlights smartphones from (Rs 1,850 to Rs 3,650). The brand has pushed 22 handsets as of recently, and has plans to introduce new handsets at ordinary between times reliably. "All of the phones were planned in Hungary and accumulated in China as per general guidelines individually.

Rivo phone has Android Smart Phones and features Cell smartphones at all economics and cost centers, The Company Rivo versatile has presents a Rivo Phantom Smartphones which will be Rivo Mobiles lead gadgets. Whats more, they will utilize Android as there OS, Some notable stars of Rivo versatile organization are PZ15 that is outfitted with Qualcomm Quad center Snapragon Processor and 12 MP Camera another known series of advanced cells were dispatched for the sake of Rivo Rhythm Smartphones that are the mid-range gadgets, theyll likewise run on Android known as RX35,RX40, RX50, RX55 and RX60.