The Best Upcoming Vivo Phones in 2021

Getting worried or confused about choosing the best smartphone in 2021? If yes, This article will help you decide on the important factors and enlighten you with the best Vivo upcoming phones. So let’s get on with the topic of what you should consider before buying the smartphone.

Choosing a Smartphone To Buy In 2021?

When you are choosing a smartphone, First get a look on for the updated specifications. Due to the technological upgradation on daily basis new vivo upcoming phones come with a lot of intriguing features.

If we look at the firmware of the smartphones, all the latest android vivo upcoming phones come with the latest version of the Android which is Android 11. As how much features and free control Android allows the user to have, Its is the best choice to own an Android device in 2021.


Due to the technological advancement in the camera industry the vivo upcoming phones come with best lens integrated. Now there is no longer a need to get an expensive DSLR for the best quality of pictures. The latest phones come with the front and rear multiple cameras for the best image quality.


Until the last year 2020, the leading network connectivity was 4G only. But in late 2020 the companies started to bring forward the plans for introducing the new high speed connectivity named the 5th generation or 5G. It will be a waste in 2021 if you are not going for the brands which are introducing the 5G phones such as vivo coming soon mobile.

Battery life:

Due to excessive usage of the phones and a busy life hours nowadays. Check the battery capacity of the phone. Now the vivo upcoming phones 2021 come with a battery of 4000 mah or more with a Fast charging feature to get you running in no more then 90 minutes max.

Refresh rate:

As there are high demanding games launched recently. Now you also have to focus on the display type and the refresh rate. Vivo coming soon mobile for the best gaming experience go for an AMOLED screen with the minimum refresh rate of 90HZ.


The most important is the design of the phone. Go for the one which pleases you the best. Carrying the best designed Vivo upcoming mobile 2021 will help you praise and show off as much as you want.

New Features Vivo Introduced In 2021

The new upcoming vivo phones come with best presentation and best features. The Firmware of the vivo phones based on the underlaying Android will have a new and improved version Origin OS.

Origin OS:

New upcoming vivo devices will have the best Firmware installed on them the Origin OS. It has the top features included the Klotski Grid, Nano alerts, live wallpapers, enhanced memory fusion technology 1.0, multi Turbo 5.0, and so on.

Cooperate with Zeiss optics:

The best optics company out there is Zeiss optics for the photography lenses. Vivo has done in a deal with the Zeiss optics for a professional level of photography experience on the smartphone. Users will now be able to experience the best photography the world has to offer.

The Best Vivo Mobile Phone Upcoming July 2021

Vivo V21 5G

Vivo new model coming soon latest smartphones series is the best out there to choose from. It comes with all the latest features integrated. The screen size of 6.44 inch with the AMOLED display and a 90 Hz of the refresh rate. If we look at the Design of the phone the frame is made up of plastic with glass front and a plastic back.

Why choose it:

The triple camera setup on the back of the Vivo upcoming phones 2021 V21 5G comes with the 64MP main camera, 8MP of ultrawide camera and 2MP macro camera. They help the user to create a best experience for photography.

Vivo Y52 5G

Vivo upcoming phones Vivo Y52 has the best features out there for a budget phone. It comes up with 5G connectivity 128 Giga Bytes of storage space and Vivo phones battery mah 5000 mah of battery with the Fast charging feature present. It runs the Android 11 one of the latest Firmware present. Vivo Y52 5G colors are Shiny Black, Glacier Blue.

Why choose it:

It has all the features you need. It comes with the best storage space, 5G connectivity, Triple camera setup, 5000 mah battery and is available in affordable price Vivo Y52 5G price in Pakistan Rs. 43999.

Vivo X60t Pro+

The Vivo coming soon mobile 2021 Vivo X60t Pro+ comes with the latest features. It comes with the max storage space 256 Giga Bytes and coupling up with 12 Giga Bytes of RAM. The Quad camera setup on the back of the phone is spectacular the rear camera comprises of 50 MP main lens, 8 MP periscope telephoto 5x optical zoom, 12 MP telephoto 2x optical zoom, 48 MP, 114˚ (ultrawide) gimbal stabilization.

Its performance is top-notch as per the user’s expectations. It comes with a Vivo battery mah 4500 mah battery, and 55 watts wired charger is there so that you can easily charge it as you want.


Here we discussed the new Vivo upcoming phones to buy in July 2021. You can choose many of the vivo smartphones by visiting the following site awbmobile for detailed specs and a wide range of smartphones for you to look upon.